World-Leading Research with Real-World Impact!

ICS Vision

Cyber space is becoming ever more pervasive and entangled with physical space and our daily work and social lives. We need new methodologies and endless innovation to keep cyber space safe for our nation and its individual citizens, so we can fully realize the productivity and quality-of-life potential offered by cyber technologies. UTSA and its Institute for Cyber Security put Texas in a prominent position for this effort.

ICS Mission

The Institute for Cyber Security pursues world-leading research with real-world impact, including development of commercializable technologies and services.

ICS Goals

  • Be a world leader in cyber security research, and thereby put UTSA, San Antonio and Texas on the cyber security research map.
  • Advance the cyber security profession towards a sound scientific and engineering discipline from its current immature state.
  • Improve the cyber security posture of the United States of America so its citizens can fully benefit from the ongoing cyber revolution.

ICS History

The Institute for Cyber Security was created at UTSA in June 2007 through a competitive $3.5 million grant from the Texas Emerging Technology Fund. Prof. Ravi Sandhu, a world-renowned cyber-security researcher, scholar, educator and entrepreneur, was invited to join UTSA as the Founding Executive Director as a condition of the funding. UTSA awarded a $1.0 million Lutcher Brown Endowed Chair to Prof. Sandhu. The STARS program of the University of Texas System subsequently awarded a $1.0 million grant to Prof. Sandhu for furthering the Institute’s mission.

Cyber security was identified as an area of strategic importance for UTSA and for San Antonio in 2000. The Center for Infrastructure Assurance and Security was established at UTSA in 2001. Cyber-security research and education activities were pursued in the Colleges of Science, Engineering and Business. Exercises, training and competition activities were pursued in the Center. A vision for the Institute for Cyber Security was articulated in 2005 with the goal of strengthening and synergizing the already substantial cyber security activities and expertise across UTSA, and particularly to develop a world-leading research reputation in cyber security. A winning proposal to establish the Institute was submitted to the Texas Emerging Technology Fund, leading to founding of the Institute and invitation of Prof. Sandhu to lead it as a condition of the funding. San Antonio business, government and academic leaders were crucial to this process with special acknowledgement of the leadership of David Spencer. The Institute reports to the Dean of the College of Science and to the Vice-President for Research.

Join Us

Staff positions are posted at the UTSA jobs site at as they become available. Tenure-track faculty positions are advertised directly by the respective Departments. Current tenure-track faculty and graduate students can become members of the Institute through research collaboration. Recruitment of research faculty and post-doctoral researchers is opportunistic. If you are interested in contributing to the ICS research agenda please reach out directly to Prof. Sandhu or other Institute members. Incoming graduate students need to apply to the individual departments for admission. ICS plays no role in the admission process but once students are at UTSA they can reach out to Prof. Sandhu or other Institute members.